Are you finally ready to take your Food Blog to Business

+ get paid for your content?

Introducing The Maria Method: DM’s To The Bank

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You know you are ready to be working with your dream clients.


You know you are ready to get paid for all your hard work.


BUT... you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and not sure where to start.

Don't worry I've got you


Why Using DM's Is My Best Kept Secret

This FOUR step DM method is the exact strategy I use to work with some of my biggest brands and partners. I’ve created long lasting relationships and get paid contract after paid contract.

Less Formal Than Email

A more casual way to communicate who you are and what you do.

Find The Source

Ask for the right contact instead of using their general email.

No More Cold Calling

Once you've moved the conversation to email, you already have a relationship.


Imagine creating recipes, taking beautiful photos, all the while being paid to do it?

Hi, I’m Maria


I’m a kitchen dance party, plant-based, over sharer, who loves feeding people! Over the last 5 years I have had to overcome some crazy challenges, long days, late nights, but guess what, they have all brought me to this place. So why are we here? Let me introduce you to The Maria Method!


I am pulling back the curtain and sharing all my secrets in my new signature course ‘DM’s To The Bank’. You are going to learn exactly how I was able to take FoodByMaria from food blog to business all in the DM’s baby!


Unlock my DM's To The Bank Mini Course + Start Landing Your Dream Clients Now

DM's To The Bank Video + Slide Series

Listen and learn from this six video series. Each module has short, quick, and easy to digest lessons, so you can get what you need and get to work.

+ IG Profile Checklist

If you're sending DM's you know the first thing they are going to do is check your profile. So better make sure it's polished!

+ TWO Proposal Canva Templates

Choose between two professional proposal templates to wow your potential client all of the amazing work you can do together.

+ Custom Foodie Graphics

We created these Foodie Graphics so you can customize all of your Canva templates to be special and stand out! Use them for reports, your media kit, social media posts, ANYTHING!

Imagine quitting your 9-5 to do this full time and actually make more money doing it?


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