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Two Ways I Continually Make Money From My Instagram Account

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2021

Instagram has become a hub of creativity. It's where instagrammers, influencers, and creatives come together to share their work with the insta-crowd. But Instagram can be more than just a place for inspiration--it can also be a place to earn money! In this post, we'll discuss the two main ways I make money on Instagram as an influencer and creative.

The first way instagrammers can make money on Instagram is to collaborate with brands. Brands approach influencers or creative people and ask them if they want to work together; the brand will pay the instagrammer for promoting their products, or doing a special project that aligns with what the brand stands for. This type of partnership might include photo content, video, blog posts, or just an IG story. In return, the instagrammer will usually get offered money and/or products.

The second way you can monetize your Instagram through brand partnerships is by creating freelance content. This type of content isn't attached to your personal brand. Again it is usually photo and/or video content, but the contractual agreement and usage rights look very different than in a collaboration and influencer partnership.

One method lends to the other because they both allow me to practice and showcase my skills, aesthetic, and ability to create a lot of different types of content. Being versatile is key here to attracting new clients. Another important piece is being extremely professional. You are running a business after all.

To give you a head start on either of these paths I have created my 5 Days Of Freebies that includes:

  1. My strategies to update and optimize your IG profile. You want to come off as a professional, clearly outline who you help, how you help, and what you want people who visit your page to do next.
  2. A fresh Media Kit template, because this is the first thing you will be sending potential clients. You want to make sure it is on brand and covers everything they need to know.
  3. A pricing cheat sheet. Pricing is one of the top things I get asked about so I created a cheat sheet and video explaining how to structure your prices for partnerships and freelance work.
  4. A guide on how to upsell a client to freelance work! This one is amazing because sometimes clients are more inclined or have a larger budget for freelance content, and they might not even know you offer it unless you tell them.
  5. Lastly, a new report template to showcase how great all your hard work worked! This isn’t an essential piece but it definitely is a “wow” factor because most clients aren’t expecting it. It’s a great way to close out a project and open the door to working together more.

Are you ready to learn how I make money on Instagram? You can sign up for my 5 Days of Freebies and kick-start your freelance gig now. It's totally free and each day will give you a new project to work on. By the end of the day, you will have the ability to start reaching out to your dream brands with more confidence. See you inside!


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