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Strategies to Spring Clean your Food Blogging Business

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2021

Spring is already upon us. How did that happen so quickly? The days are getting longer, snow is melting, and like every spring, we’re ready to clean all aspects of our lives, and for some of us, that means cleaning up our food blogging business. That’s why this month we decided to focus on spring cleaning over at MediaByMaria

You may have cleaning out your closet, and dusting those hard-to-reach places on your spring cleaning list, but why not add cleaning up your blogging business? We often go too long without doing that, so I like to make a point of it every spring. Here are some of my biggest tips that will help my fellow food blogging peeps out there!

Get that morning routine in-check 

Having a morning routine is so important. Why? Because it sets you up for the whole day. If you have an unproductive morning, the likelihood of you having a productive rest of the day is slim. Everyone has a different morning routine, and no ones is going to look the same. It’s a lot of trial and error to get the one that works best for you. 

For me, I’ve talked about how I became a member of the 5 am club awhile back. Yep, I wake up at 5 am to start my day. The reason why is because it has so many benefits for me. I have noticed that I like to get up while most people are asleep to help prepare my heart and spirit for the day before the chaos starts. Waking up earlier really allows me to spend time on myself. My prime time of the day is 5 am-8 am because I have the most energy, and I’m not interrupted by anyone so I can really work through those things on my to-do list and focus.

A few other ways to clean up your morning routine are: 

  • Meditation first thing in the AM 
  • Keeping your phone in a different room so it’s not the first thing you looked at 
  • Not hitting snooze 
  • Eating a healthy breakfast 
  • An automatic coffee machine (yes, I bought one recently and this seriously makes my entire morning because when I get up my coffee is ready-to-go)

Organize your inbox 

If you’re like me, on a bad day/week/month, my inbox looks like a fucking tornado went through it. When my inbox is a mess, so is my brain. It makes me feel so disorganized. Time to spring clean that inbox and get everything organized. Some ways that you can get your inbox down to the beautiful number zero is: 

  • Unsubscribe from unwanted emails 
  • Set reminders and time to check your inbox (I like to do the same time every day) 
  • Make a TBR folder (aka to-be-read)
  • Separate your work inbox from your personal (this also helps with unplugging) 
  • Touch it once and move on (don’t tell yourself you’ll get to it later, instead, don’t check it unless you have time to respond)

Use a drive or cloud 

Organize all your clients, assets, work, notes, etc. into a cloud or drive like Google Drive. This doesn’t need much of an explanation other than you should just do it. Not only will it help you feel more organized, but it will also back-up all your important projects, details, and assets. That way you’ll have everything available for you at all times, wherever you are, in one place. This also will help you on busy days to be more functional, organized, and productive. 

Channel your money mindset

We’ve talked about it before, but you can never hear it enough. We don’t talk about money enough, and with a new season upon us, it’s time to not only talk about it but look at ways you can be more money-focused. I’m talking about:

  • Knowing your value and asking to be paid accordingly for your work
  • Checking your bank daily to know where your money is going
  • Hiring the right people to advise you on your money
  • Setting goals around earning and saving your money 

… don’t just stop there. By talking about money in the food blogging world, it’ll hold you accountable, create awareness around your finances, teach you valuable lessons, and of course, transparency aids inequality at workplaces. So there aren’t really any cons here! 😉 

I am already in full-on spring cleaning mode. Are you? Let me know what things you are doing in your food blogging business and beyond to spring clean your life!


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