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Masterclass Debrief: Did You Miss The Masterclass?

Uncategorized Oct 18, 2021

All I can say is "WOW" that Masterclass Series was unreal!

If you were along for the ride, thank you for joining us. I feel like we covered A LOT of ground in just three sessions. 

If you missed out on this round don't worry. Today we are going to go over each session and some key takeaways. I will also provide you with some details on the next Masterclass Series we have in the works. Let's dive in.

Why A Live Masterclass?

After doing a few launches I realized my favorite part of all of this is live teaching and coaching. When I can learn specifically what you are struggling with and give you my advice, I feel like I am able to give the most value.

By offering a "live" style masterclass we are able to interact. I can teach part of my strategy and then give you real time advice on how to apply it to your situation. The energy between these exchanges is what really fires me up.

Masterclass #1 - My Biggest Mistakes When Starting FoodByMaria and How I Overcame Them

During the first Masterclass, I jumped right into some of the things I would definitely do differently now that I've learned from them. Let's take a look at what these were:

  1. I didn't have a Media Kit to properly showcase myself - When I first started out I didn't even know what a Media Kit was or why I needed one. Your Media Kit is essential in making the right first impression with potential clients. It showcases who you are, what your skills are, and what you can offer them. It is like your "elevator pitch" and can be the make or break of landing a paid partnership.
  2. I waited too long to start charging for my work - I get asked all the time "Maria, how many followers do I need to start getting paid"? The answer my friends is there is no magical number!! I literally waited until I had over 100K followers and now I know people landing paid partnerships is 1k. The moral of the story is you can start charging clients TODAY!
  3.  Having a "make money mindset" - This might seem like the easiest of mistakes to fix but that doesn't take away from it probably being the most important. Switching to a  make money mindset will completely change how you approach brands and how they respond. When I started sitting in my worth brands were happy to pay my rates and excited to work with me. It all has to start with you and how you view yourself.

Masterclass #2 - How to Niche Down and Why It's Essential to Landing Paid Partnerships

I'm sorry but "vegan food blogger" isn't niched down enough. You need to go further. Who do you serve? Is it parents, women in their 20's, or people in the fitness industry? All of these little nuances make a big difference.

Deciding who you serve (your ideal client) will help you gain clarity on what content to create and what brands to pursue.

*Spoiler alert* When you get access to the Masterclass you get access to my Niche Rate Room with over 500 comments from creators sharing their specific niche and how much they are charging for partnerships!

Masterclass #3 - How to Start A Conversation With Brands That Will Land You Paid Partnerships

This is where the magic happens. In this Masterclass, I covered the first steps in my "DMs to the Bank Method". How to find the right brands to work with and how to start a conversation with them. We also chatted about what to do when you reach out to a brand and you hear crickets. Yeah, it happens to the best of us, but there are a few key strategies you can implement to make sure you get them to respond.

We also chatted about how important it is to get the right contact! This means a generic [email protected] isn't going to cut it. You need to find the right contact.

Do You Want To Join Us For A *NEW* set of Masterclass Sessions?

If this all sounds like valuable information that you want to know more about, we have some very exciting news! We are in the process of creating an entirely NEW Masterclass Series tackling new topics. If you want to get on the list sign up here!

Once you are on that list you will be the first to know when we open applications again for our next round of Masterclass Sessions. 

Trust me you won't want to miss this opportunity.




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