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5 Steps to a Healthy Relationship with Social Media

Uncategorized May 26, 2021

My work primarily surrounds the social media world and as amazing as that is, there are some downfalls when it comes to social media and my mental health. I know you feel this too, right?! Over the years, I’ve gotten into the groove of some daily and weekly practices that help contribute to a healthy relationship with social media. Here are 5 steps to a healthy relationship with social media:

#1: Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries!!!

My boundaries will look different than yours, but whatever they are, setting them up and sticking to them, is KEY. Whether it’s logging off at a certain time or being very selective with the accounts you follow. Find what works best for you and stick to ‘em!

#2: Turn off push notifications.

This is a feature I’ve taken advantage of for many years now – to turn off your Instagram push notifications you can either do this in your phone settings or right within the Instagram app settings. Whether you’re in some need of a little downtime or you want to consistently hide specific types of Instagram notifications, you can get pretty granular within the settings on Instagram, including setting a timer when the temporary settings will automatically reset.

#3: Be YOU.

As simple as it sounds... I know it can be hard to find your voice in the world of social media. From the beginning of my journey, I told myself that if I was unapologetically ME, I was going to be okay. Don’t be afraid to be bold. Don’t be afraid to stir shit up a bit. Don’t be afraid to be different and lead the way. I’m weird, I’m loud and I’m crazy. Being YOU will always help you win, I promise.

#4: Keep it up.

I talk about this a bit in my PPP course, but you gotta keep going. Don’t let a single partnership, comment, or message make or break your success. You try and try again until you come out on top (and trust me you will!). We all have our ups and our downs, but each day is a blank slate and you have the opportunity to keep going. Trust me, great things are coming for you!


#5: Foster a real-world life you’re proud of

When you work in the social media world, it can be pretty hard to actually take a step back from your work. That being said, it’s so important to have goals or hobbies that live in the “real world”. Whether it’s going for a daily walk, meditating, volunteering, calling a friend, or cooking dinner, find what feels rewarding and do it each day.


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