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Hi, I'm Maria

I have always believed in the notion that every day we eat to feed or fight disease, that's how my first food baby FoodByMaria was born.
Through my food blogging journey, I have created the life I always dreamt of. Over the last 5 years I have had to overcome some crazy challenges, long days, late nights, but guess what, they have all brought me to this place. So why are we here? Let me introduce you to The Maria Method!
I am pulling back the curtain and sharing all my secrets in my new signature course. You are going to learn exactly how I was able to take FoodByMaria from food blog to business and quit my 9-5 in just 3 years.




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Are you ready to up your game and rise to the challenge? These tools are for food bloggers who want to get paid for creating amazing content, paid for their time and energy, and most of all compensated for the beautiful human you are!



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Food Photography Tricks to Bring Your Photography to the Next Level

Essential Food Photography Tips for Props & Lighting

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